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Infinity I & D, Inc. offers complete exhibit and display construction services. Our staff will work with each customer to create a design that captures specific needs and stands out amongst others. Infinity I & D, Inc. can also examine existing concepts and designs to ensure the most efficient production. State of the art tools and equipment are used to construct all new components. Modern building techniques and eco friendly materials keep project costs down and minimize unnecessary construction waste. Every detail of the design is important and never over looked. Our experienced craftsmen have the abilities to bring any concept or design to life. When new construction is not an option, Infinity I & D, Inc. can restore or refurbish old or existing components using new durable materials. Custom graphics and signage are usually produced to rebrand and re- energize old exhibits. Lighting and electrical are updated to meet safety regulations and guidelines. All refurbished items are properly packed and stored prolonging life and protecting any fragile elements. Infinity I & D, Inc. is the smart solution to construct, fabricate, or restore your next exhibit or event.

Project: Pratt & Whitney Custom Rental
Objective: Construct 10'x20' in line exhibit.
Strictly follow design provided to showcase certain elements of the client graphics, product, and literature.
Solution: Infinity I & D, Inc developed a semi-custom hard wall design to outline the back wall of this exhibit. Digital graphics were produced and mounted using lightweight and removable materials. Custom pedestals displayed client product, and literature.

Project: Hard Case
Objective: Upgrade and restore existing exhibit properties. Highlight customer product display areas. Incorporate new "Hard Case" logo through out the exhibit.
Solution: The first step in the exhibit restoration was the complete resurfacing of the existing display components. The client chose custom maple and cherry laminates to create a new high end environment. The contrasting colors were used to accent specific display areas within the exhibit. Custom light fixtures were concealed within display units to highlight client product. Frosted Acrylic was chosen for the conference areas to maintain a private meeting location. The Hard Case logo was produced in digital vinyl and applied to each acrylic panel making the brand visible from every angle on the show floor. To finish the Hard Case project, the existing crates were rebuilt to protect the restoration and prolong the life of the exhibit.

"We loved the update and changes to our exhibit. We got a lot of compliments on the show floor."

Greg Berden
CEO, Hard Case


"Over all we loved the booth. The improvements made by Infinity I & D, Inc. really emphasized the Hard Case brand."

Praveena Basant
Executive Assistant, Hard Case

Hard Case
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