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Infinity I&D, Inc is owned and operated by Scott Carpenter and Steve Paladino. With over 30 years of industry experience between them, both Carpenter and Paladino have worked in every major venue across the United States.

Steve Paladino & Scott Carpenter
Escaped From Alcatraz Feb. 11, 2007

Scott Carpenter is the technical genius and head factotum at Infinity I & D, Inc. Scott has a strong background in construction, fabrication, and logistics. He over sees daily operations, directs production, and maintains quality control.

Steve Paladino is the creative mastermind behind Infinity I & D, Inc. Responsible for labor, new business development, and foreign relations, Steve coordinates the work force and manages clients.

Working side by side, Carpenter and Paladino strengthen each other’s weaknesses. Their hard work, dedication, and determination are unparalleled amongst peers.

Gene Gene Friedman is the intellectual powerhouse whose vision helped to form the corporate structure of Infinity I & D, Inc. Gene combines tremendous communicative skills along with a vast knowledge in computer technology. Based in Boca Raton, Florida Gene oversees the southeast region and focuses on outside sales.
Kellee Kellee Davis – Behind these great men is a strong and dynamic woman. Kellee Davis is the Director of Chaos at Infinity I & D, Inc. With exceptional attention to detail, Kellee manages all accounting and day to day activities of the corporation.
Infinity I & D, Inc. and its employees are involved in many community activities. We are extremely proud to be participants and sponsors of the following events and organizations.
Baseball Club American Cancer Society
Donna's Team
Liberty High Patriots
NAMI Walks Make a Wish
Infinity I & D, Inc. is devoted to help reduce the harmful effect of doing business on the environment.
***All invoices and estimates are transmitted electronically via email, minimizing paper waste and consumption.
***Our shop uses recycled building materials and ozone safe chemicals when constructing each project. Any hazardous materials are disposed of safely and properly.
***"Dead" exhibits are broken down and separated. Each component is either recycled or refurbished.
Infinity I & D Infinity I & D, Inc.: 2875 N. Lamb Blvd. Suite #4 Las Vegas, NV 89115
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